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Urban Graffiti X

An "Open Door" Submissions Policy
Unlike more traditionally published journals and periodicals, Urban Graffiti is an irregularly published zine. Because of this, and due to the nature of UG's content and it's primary means of advertising (word-of-mouth), UG has an "open door" submissions policy. While there have been and will be calls for submissions for particular issues, this by no means closes the door of UG's usual "open door" submissions policy. UG welcomes your fiction, poetry, prose essays, photography, artwork, comics, etc, at any time during the year.

URBAN GRAFFITI is a litzine of transgressive, discursive, post-realist writing concerned with the struggles of hard-edged urban living, alternative lifestyles, deviant culture -- and presented in their most raw and unpretentious form -- using sex, violence, shock value, parody, cynicism, irony, and black humour to explore the underside of contemporary urban existence.

Submit up to three pieces at a time, and follow these guidelines: Art, due to technological limitations, should be no bigger than 8 1 /2 by 11 inches. Exact reproduction is impossible. Manuscripts should be absolutely no longer than 15 pages, typed double-spaced. Fiction from 50 to 5000 words. Optimum length (for fiction, essays, etc.) is between five and ten pages.

Compensation is made in copies only, and URBAN GRAFFITI retains the right to reprint issues as PDF files and accepted submissions in anthology form.

Send all correspondences to:

Mark McCawley, editor

Greensleeve Editions is an Edmonton based micro-press which publishes

transgressive, post-realist fiction and shortfiction chapbooks, zines,

and various other literary ephemera. Founded in July 1988.